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Here’s a preview of some of the exciting brands and products that will be making a splash at Surf Expo January 2024!

Heartwood Creations / Souvenir Source
Booth #3078
Holding Small Treasures Since 1978

Over 40 years ago, Mike Fisher crafted his first Secret Box for his girlfriend. Since then, his passion for woodworking has grown into both a career and a world-renowned business, Heartwood Creations. Established in 1978, we have been expanding and improving our product line and woodworking techniques ever since.


Booth #533
Seek and Explore

The chase for Roark began out of a desire to tell authentic stories born of adventure and discovery, while striving to create the essential travel-tailored gear to pack for your travels. Each season, Roark creates a collection of purpose-built gear with styling details fit to accommodate needs from the trail to the bar. 

Ocean Drive, Inc.

Booth #1359
Vintage Havana

Vintage Havana is a women’s streetwear company focusing on trends of the past, present and future. Our products range from novelty knit tops and sweaters to graphic tees, denims and printed dresses — and all offer a versatile assortment of fabrics and patterns. 

Lone Rock Clothing
Booth #2145
Wear the world on your sleeve with Lone Rock Clothing. 

Lone Rock Clothing is a wholesale supplier of souvenirs for the tourism industry. We craft custom t-shirts, hoodies, hats, bandanas, keychains, towels, and more so that your customers can take a piece of the places they love home with them. Reach out to elevate your store’s souvenir game. 

Colosseum Athletics 
Booth #2424
Your Next Awaits With Colosseum

Embrace vibrant living with Colosseum Corporate Resort, a resort apparel brand that thrives on bright colors and bold, resort-friendly prints. Tailored for the laid-back yet fashion-forward lifestyle, our designs redefine casual elegance, ensuring you make a statement wherever your resort adventures take you.

ECS Boards Australia
Booth #459
Unveiling 2024 Surf & SUP range! Show specials with up to 50% margins!

Discover ECS Boards Australia, a leading brand famed for its versatile, lightweight designs. Originating as a surf company by Australian surfers, ECS focuses on SUP styles in the USA however are stoked to unveil the new 2024 surfboard range. Stop by and check out the hype.

CBF Labels, Inc.
Booth #601
Let Us Bring Value to Your Brand

cbf label is the leader in custom apparel trims, labels, and tags that are perfectly tailored to suit your brand! whether you need custom logos for your clothing brand or if you want to set yourself apart from other clothing labels, cbf label can elevate and streamline your brand. cbf label is the true-grit, icing-on-the-cake of clothing!

Booth #746
 COVA by Jantzen | Your go-to weekend wear. Showing Fall 2024

Premium sportswear that embraces traditional craftsmanship and a passion of the outdoors.

Bask Suncare
Booth #510
World's Best Feeling Sunscreen

We’re a celebration of feeling good: in the sun, in your skin, and with your people. Sunshine has always helped us do that. But sunscreen hasn’t. Until Now!

Booth #629
Customized, Eco-Friendly Retail Packaging

Earthpack is a locally-run, nationwide supplier of affordable recycled packaging for businesses of all sizes.

Unprinted or Custom Products for Your Needs

Dozens of Quality Packaging Options

Exceptional Customer Care for a Seamless Experience

American Backcountry
Booth #2208
Celebrating the Outdoors

 At American Backcountry we have always done things the hard way. Other Tee shirt companies slap a “namedrop” on a picture of any old mountain and expect their customers to be satisfied. We always go the extra mile. We think our customers appreciate the difference between “any old mountain” and the mountain they just climbed.

American Needle Inc.
Booth #1492
American Needle - Over 100 years of quality headwear

Founded in 1918 as an importer of sewing needles, American Needle has evolved over four generations into a world leader in headwear manufacturing.

Skyline Jewelry Inc.
Booth #2732
Premium Jewelry Manufacturing Wholesaler

Skyline Jewelry is the number one manufacturer and importer of premium jewelry including sea glass necklaces, Freedom Pearl, hair ties and bracelets, friendship bracelets, shark tooth necklaces, and much more. We sell nation-wide.

Booth #828
Made for Movement

QALO creates style-forward accessories for people in motion. Functional, comfortable, and ultra-durable, each piece is designed with your next adventure in mind.

San Diego Hat Company
Booth #1780
Headwear Industry Pioneer

We are a design-driven brand featuring a wide variety of fashionable and functional headwear and accessories for Women, Men and Children. Our core brand collections are updated season after season and include our signature ribbon line, stylish fedoras and floppies, cozy knits, and a colorful sun protection assortment.

Slēk Skateboard
Booth #303
Engineered for a Smoother Ride

Slēk brings innovation to skateboarding by integrating top-tier raw materials with meticulous craftsmanship.

Weekender Sportswear
Booth #1659
Weekender - Hi-Performance Hooded Jacket

When you’re facing mildly cool weather, wrap yourself in next level comfort and stay warm wearing Weekender’s Camano Island Zip-Front Hoodie Jacket. Durable and cozy for added comfort and performance.

Casual + Travel clothing of superior quality and craftsmanship. Built to endure a lifetime of travel & leisure.

Sticktite Lens
Booth #663
Sticktite Lens -- Stick-On Reader Lenses

Sticktite manufactures and markets a patented-polymer, ultra-thin, ultra-flexible stick-on reader lens. Simply apply the lenses to the inside of any eyewear to convert them to bifocal readers. The lenses are repositionable, reusable and leave no residue.

Now you can offer an affordable reader solution across your entire sunglass range!

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